Investor Hygiene with Jake Taylor

Jake Taylor discusses the importance of investor hygiene. By improving your decision-making process and actively looking for ways to manage your exposure to risk, you can deliver better investment outcomes.

Panel: The Road to Uplisting

Uplisting plays a very important role in both national and global capital markets. Uplisting—theprocess of becoming listed on a national exchange (NYSE, NASDAQ, CSE, etc.)—enables growingfirms to access deeper capital markets, increase visibility, and possibly restructure, as needed. The road to uplisting can take a considerable amount of time. Firms are often kept waiting forten […]

Compass Minerals(CMP): Who Says Salt Mining is Boring?

Ben Claremon from Cove Street Capital talks on Compass Minerals (CMP) In recent years, Compass Minerals (ticker: CMP) has remained an underappreciated company. Our research suggests, however, that aside from the variability in weather that impacts the company – the primary reasons for concern are abating. The prior management team misallocated capital into unnecessary capital […]