Successful Uplisting for Issuers

Uplisting to a senior exchange such as the NASDAQ or the NYSE AMEX is the dream for all microcap companies and the entrepreneurs that run them. Uplisting can be a transformative event for a publicly traded company for all the same reasons a traditional IPO can be.

Corporate Governance for Small Cap Issuers

Often more associated with larger firms, corporate governance is just as important for small and microcap companies. By adhering to high governance standards, small caps are better placed to achieve their goals and attract new investment. The legal fiduciary responsibilities of a director of a small cap public company and a director of a large […]

Shareholder Activism – Remaining Masters of Your Company’s Fate

From the outbreak of Covid-19 to the subsequent contraction of the global economy, corporations have faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. Yet there is another evolving challenge on the rise: shareholder activism. In this paper we will define what shareholder activism is and what’s the main motivation, we will assess what makes a company a good […]

Investor Relations During COVID-19: Building Trust & Shareholder Credibility

The world as we all know it has changed dramatically in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As this is a crisis without a clear playbook, there are a lot of lessons that are being learned along the way by issuers managing corporate investor relations programs. Perhaps the most important one is that successfully managing […]

Understanding the Main Street Lending Program

The worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic has thrown many businesses into a tailspin by disrupting workflow and creating a drastic decline in commerce for a wide range of industries. Businesses have been faced with the challenge of instituting and enforcing new operating policies and procedures that keep workers safe including stay-at-home work policies and many have had […]

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC) – A Special Breed of IPO

For any company, raising capital quickly and efficiently is a challenging process. Financing can take many different forms including venture capital, an initial public offering, business loans, private placements and even GoFundMe. Depending on what vehicle is utilized, the process can take months and be expensive. As an alternative, Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) structures […]