Understanding the Main Street Lending Program

The worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic has thrown many businesses into a tailspin by disrupting workflow and creating a drastic decline in commerce for a wide range of industries. Businesses have been faced with the challenge of instituting and enforcing new operating policies and procedures that keep workers safe including stay-at-home work policies and many have had […]

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC) – A Special Breed of IPO

For any company, raising capital quickly and efficiently is a challenging process. Financing can take many different forms including venture capital, an initial public offering, business loans, private placements and even GoFundMe. Depending on what vehicle is utilized, the process can take months and be expensive. As an alternative, Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) structures […]

Monthly Virtual Investor Networking Event: August 2020

Investor Summit Monthly Networking Event: August 27th  Panel: The Widest Valuation Gap This Millennium! Moderator: Ian Hunter from Hunter Value Capital Panelists: Nate Tobik from Oddball Stocks Dave Waters from OTC Adventures & Alluvial Capital [00:00:07] [Fred Rockwell]: Hello to all. Just making a couple of quick announcements, so everybody understands how the technology works […]