Why Invest

The world’s first public payment service provider (PSP) and compliance Reg-tech platform for the digital asset industry, recently released F2021 YE results – revenue up 577% YoY, $519 million Total Transaction Value, Adjusted EBITDA profit of $1.2 Million. Banxa has grown exponentially over the past year and since its listing in Jan ’21 ( one the 50 fastest growing companies of the year per Silicon Review) The company has built the Banxa Network to 72 partners, up from 24 over the previous 12 months. Banxa sees more opportunities, feels just at the start of new product releases, adding more cryptocurrency licenses, more payment methods and more coins.


  1. Worlds first public payment service provider (PSP). Adding more cryptocurrency licenses soon

  2. Vision is for democratizing finance

  3. Infrastructure company, Paypal of the crypto world, building fiat on/off ramps

  4. Should be uplisting to NASDAQ shortly

  5. Focus on local payment methods increasing profit

  6. Total addressable market is $3 trillion, see growth in Metaverse, Blockchain & Gaming sectors

  7. “Fiat to token, and back again”

  8. Adjusted CFO is $1.5m