DeFi Technologies Inc







Why Invest

The only publicly traded company giving investor direct exposure to Decentralized Finance Market. Bridging the gap between traditional capital markets and decentralized finance. Entered into Preferred Partnership Agreement with SEBA Bank, which will not only increase. DeFi's AUM, but also the expand DeFi's product offering. DeFi is profitable.

  1. Only publicly traded company giving investors direct exposure into DeFi capital markets. Solid investments coming in to bolster cash flow this fiscal year

  2. Company bridges the gap between the protocols that are unregulated on decentralized exchanges and Web3.0

  3. SEC is currently reviewing filings, goal is get to $1bn AUM and launch new products

  4. Took four years to go through approval to get staking process approved, unlike competitors

  5. Expecting 100m in revenue, 90m in profit, 10x return on stock price