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Why Invest

a. Large Addressable Market: Mercury capture for the coal-fired industry remains a significant and stable business annually in the U.S. and the Company continues to develop environmentally-focused technologies for the power industry. Innovative technologies for extracting rare earth elements from coal ash and wastewater remediation are significant market opportunities that are currently under development. b. Litigation Momentum, a Possible “Domino Effect”: Nearly half of U.S. coal-fired power plants are infringing on the Company’s technology. After having initiated patent litigation in U.S. federal court against certain defendants in July 2019, ME2C has entered into agreements that resolved all claims against four major defendants that allow for profitable supply agreements and other contingencies with these major power producers. c. Recurring, High-Margin Revenue Model: Patent license agreements and/or recurring product supply agreements are positioning our company to a return of substantial growth. d. Stable Customer Base Over Medium & Long-Term: U.S. coal-fired power plants will continue to play vital role in the national power grid for at least the next decade. e. Experienced Management Team & Capital Structure: Deep technical expertise with a “paid for” infrastructure capable of supporting $100M+ per year in product supply revenue.