Optimus Healthcare Services







Why Invest

The company vision is to continue to grow by acquiring controlling interests in healthcare-related businesses with strong leadership teams, innovative products and services, and proven technologies or processes, that expand access to high quality healthcare and improve overall health outcomes and physical well-being. Our goal at Optimus is to empower physicians and patients with the information, guidance and tools needed to make informed health care choices. The Company seeks synergies among its portfolio companies and facilitates access to its management team which has extensive industry experience – including 17 drug or device approvals – and its network of financial and business partners to help finance growth and accelerate business market trajectories


  1. Telehealth And Compliance Technologies (TACT) platform focuses on remote physician/patient care plan adherence and medication compliance

  2. TACT verticals include physician facing applications for Pain Management and Substance Use Disorder. Bariatrics vertical in Beta test, near term launch, clinical trial platform in late stage development.