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Differentiated technology platform – Computational approaches to rational design of selective antibodies, a unique ProMIS capability Growing portfolio of antibodies selective for mis-folded proteins implicated in neurodegenerative diseases High selectivity a ProMIS competitive advantage. Lack of selectivity for mis-folded proteins likely the primary source of failures or limited success in prior competitor programs in neurodegenerative diseases Lead program PMN310 potential “best of the next generation” antibody therapy in Alzheimer’s disease: highly selective for toxic oligomer form of amyloid, differentiated from likely first generation products from Biogen, Eisai, and Lilly; PMN310 differentiated from first oligomer selective antibody from Acumen Multiple programs 21-36 months from clinical data – IND enabling work followed by SAD/MAD trial in patients; Fluid-based biomarkers may enable rapid and capital efficient path to clinical readout and value inflection for all programs Recently completed $20.125 MM financing, fully funded through 2022, to IND filing for lead program