Q4 2021 Wrap Up

We just wrapped up the Q4 Investor Summit Conference. 90+ of the most interesting companies in the small and micro-cap space presented and over 500 investors participated from around the country. In case you missed it, please find a full recap below including company summaries, analyst notes, and presentations.

We look forward to the New Year and to getting back in-person for both our Q2 and Q4 2022 Summits. Plus, save the date for our Q1 Virtual Investor Summit, March 8-9.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays from the Investor Summit Team!


Harter Secrest & Emery LLP ( HSE Law) and our colleagues at Maxim Group and Donohoe Advisory Associates LLC led a discussion around uplisting a company to a national stock exchange. Panelists shared practical advice for companies that are considering, or are in the process of, uplisting to a stock exchange, including key insights from having successfully advised multiple companies through the process.


Acasti Pharma – Biotech (NASDAQ: ACST)
Acasti Pharma’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Acasti Pharma story……..
• Recently announced initiation of pharmacokinetic bridging study for lead drug, GTX-104.
• Results are expected in first half of 2022 and will help determine final design of Phase 3 trial, which is expected to begin during the second half of 2022.
• Recently acquired Grace Therapeutics.
• Enough cash on the balance sheet following the merger to provide at least two years of operating runway.

Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Biotech (NYSE American: ATNM)
Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. story……..
• Pivotal Phase 3 SIERRA trial 100% enrolled, data update in 4Q:2021 and topline data expected in mid-2022 with Iomab-B showing clear value proposition through 75% enrollment.
• Actimab-A, CD33 targeting Antibody Radiation-Conjugate (ARC) advancing in multiple r/r AML combination trials including with CLAG-M and venetoclax, PoC data could set the stage for one or more pivotal trials.
• Leading next-generation targeted conditioning clinical-stage pipeline for Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT), CAR-T and GeneTx.
• AWE technology platform drives innovation and partnerships including renewed collaboration with Astellas in solid tumors/theranostics and NIH/MSKCC in next generation conditioning for CAR-T.
• Strong balance sheet with ~$82 million* provides runway through multiple clinical and corporate milestones including SIERRA topline data, POC data from multiple Actimab-A combination trials and expanded AWE platform R&D (* as of June 30, 2021).

Alimera Sciences – Healthcare (NASDAQ: ALIM)
Alimera Sciences’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Alimera Sciences story……..
• Alimera’s vision is to be “the place to be in retina”. The only global retina focused pharmaceutical company.
• Alimera’s product ILUVIEN is changing the treatment paradigm of DME and posterior uveitis as the only non-acute therapy reducing the recurrence of retinal disease.
• Alimera has a commercial presence in the US and in 17 countries in Europe.
• Alimera’s ongoing NEW DAY Study is the first of its kind head-to-head comparison of ILUVIEN vs. $7.5 billion standard of care.


Alpha Cognition – Biotech (TSX: ACOG) (OTCQB: ACOGF)
Alpha Cognition’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Alpha Cognition story……..
• ALPHA-1062 is a potential best in class treatment designed to optimize efficacious dose, minimize treatment limiting side effects and improve long term outcomes.
• Initiating Pivotal Study with Approval Targeted in 1H 2023, de risked 505(b)(2) new drug application with a high probability of success.
• Pipeline provides multiple opportunities for value creation -ALPHA 1062 + Memantine for moderate to severe Alzheimer’s dementia -ALPHA 1062 intranasal delivery for mild Traumatic Brain Injury -ALPHA 0602 for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Orphan Drug Designation by US FDA granted).

Annovis Bio, Inc. – Biotech (NYSE American: ANVS)
Annovis Bio, Inc.’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Annovis Bio, Inc. story……..
• Significant unmet need in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease treatments.
• Markets are growing.
• Positive preliminary phase 2 data showing improved cognition in Alzheimer’s disease and functional improvement in Parkinson’s disease.
• Anticipating phase 3 trials in 2022.

AnPac Bio, USA – Biotech (NASDAQ: ANPC)
AnPac Bio’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Phil Case, Head of Investor Relations and PR attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. During the presentation, he discussed how Anpac Bio is democratizing early cancer screening and detection.

Highlights on the AnPac Bio story……..
• Our CDA test can detect and assess an individual’s overall cancer risk with high accuracy, including early stage cancer.
• As of December 31, 2020, our CDA technology had been shown in numerous retrospective validation studies to be able to detect the risk of 26 cancer types with high sensitivity and specificity rates.
• According to Frost & Sullivan, we ranked third worldwide among companies offering next-generation early cancer screening and detection technologies in terms of the number of clinical samples for cancer screening and detection as of May 2020.


ARCA Biopharma, Inc. – Biotech (NASDAQ: ABIO)
ARCA Biopharma Inc.’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the ARCA Biopharma, Inc. story……..
• Drug development company employing a genetically-targeted approach.
• On-going Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating rNAPc2 as a potential treatment for Severe COVID-19; potential treatment for life-threatening condition (not a vaccine); program has been granted Fast Track Designation by U.S. FDA.
• Clinical development of Gencaro as a potential genetically-targeted prevention of atrial fibrillation in patients with heart failure; Phase 2 clinical trial completed; SPA agreement with U.S. FDA for pivotal Phase 3 trial (PRECISION-AF); development program granted Fast Track Designation by FDA.
• Company well capitalized to execute clinical development programs; as of June 30, 2021, cash and cash equivalents of $63.2 million.

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Artelo Biosciences – Biotech (NASDAQ: ARTL)
Artelo Bioscience’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Artelo Biosciences story……..
• $10M in cash as of May 31, 2021. This should provide Artelo enough cash runway to fund the next couple of milestones.
• Initial clinical data from CAReS cancer anorexia study for ART27.13 is expected by the end of the year.
• Complete clinical data from CAReS cancer anorexia study for ART27.13 is expected in the first half of 2022.
• Results from key pre-clinical studies are expected to come out in the first half of 2022 for ART12.11 and ART26.12

Assertio Holdings, Inc. – Healthcare (NASDAQ: ASRT)
Assertio Holdings’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Assertio Holdings story……..
• Aiming to reinvent specialty pharma through a new model of digital and non personal promotion.
• Unique platform that allows for seamless addition of new assets and emergent growth through business development.
• Dynamic, experienced team that has built and successfully launched brands.


BioCorRx Inc. – Healthcare (OTCQB: BICX)
BioCorRx’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the BioCorRx story……..
• Received FDA clearance this year of Investigational New Drug (IND) application for BICX104. Currently preparing for human trial.
• First-in-human clinical trial for BICX104 is expected to start in Q4 2021.
• Received nearly $9.2M in non-dilutive funding from NIH/NIDA (National Institute of Health/National Institute on Drug Abuse).

BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. – Biotech (TSX.V: BCT) (NASDAQ: BCTX)
BriaCell’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the BriaCell story……..
• Management & Board are experienced in drug development and capital markets.
• Developing a novel immunotherapy for advanced breast cancer – expected to kill 43000 women in the US in 2021.
• Reported clinical benefits including tumor reductions and survival rates better than those reported in the literature in predictable subsets of patients that were treated with Bria-IMT™ and checkpoint inhibitors.
• Developing an off-the-shelf personalized immunotherapy for advanced breast cancer.
• Recently secured over $50 mil.


Chalice Brands Ltd. – Healthcare (CSE: CHAL) (OTCQB: CHALF)
Chalice Brands’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Chalice Brands story……..
• A combined retail portfolio of 16 locations in Oregon, representing 5% market share.
• Significant market share in 3 key Oregon etro areas: Portland , (8 locations), Salem (3 locations), and Eugene/Springfield (2 locations).
• Statewide wholesale distribution covering every corner of Oregon, with distribution to over 350 dispensaries in 2021. • Fully-vertical capabilities covering every part of the cannabis supply chain, with indoor cultivation, an extraction facility, edibles manufacturing, in-house distribution, and 16 dispensaries.
• 3,000 pounds of annual cultivation capacity at Bald Peak.
• A growing wholesale operation in the state of California which distributes Chalice and Elysium Fields branded products.

Dynatronics Corp. – Healthcare (NASDAQ: DYNT)
Dynatronics’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Dynatronics story……..
• Company completed 100% of optimization in June 2021, strong and early results exceeded our base expectations.
• Optimization shifted product mix to higher margin products manufactured by the company. Eliminated 1,600 SKUs. Target higher sales and cash flow from operations growth, including 40% gross margin (currently @ 27%).
• +15% revenue growth NTM (guidance mid-point).
• Up-leveled management team, including CEO joined company in March 2020. He has +7 years of leadership experience at Breg, a long-standing significant customer of Dynatronics and important player in the market.
• 86% valuation discount to peers on EV/Revenue (TTM Revenue).
• No debt and zero balance on LOC. Capital is adequate to support existing operations.
• +5% market growth annually. The company provides branded restorative medical device products to the orthopedic and rehabilitation industry.
• Backed by top healthcare/med device entrepreneur, Stuart Essig, who owns the preferred issue and is a board overseer at Dynatronics; Essig is also a director at Sea Spine (Nasdaq:SPNE) and Chairman at Integra Life Sciences (Nasdaq:IART), which is a multi-billion-dollar med products business.


Emmaus Life Sciences, Inc. – Biotech (OTCQX: EMMA)
Emmaus Life Sciences’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Yutaka Niihara, M.D., M.P.H., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Emmaus, presented at the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. Dr. Niihara highlighted Endari®, the company’s FDA approved prescription grade L-glutamine oral powder indicated to reduce the acute complications of sickle cell disease.

Highlights on the Emmaus Life Sciences story……..
• A highly experienced management team with proven success led by CEO and principal inventor of Endari, Yutaka Niihara, M.D., M.P.H.
• Significant domestic and global opportunities: targeting underserved Sickle Cell Disease patient population and undeveloped therapeutic markets.
• Endari® trial underway for diverticulosis with planned 505(b)(2) pathway for Phase 3 IRAK4 inhibitor for leukemia, lymphoma and other inflammations.

Feldan Therapeutics – Healthcare (Private Company)
Feldan Therapeutics’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Co-founder and CEO Francois-Thomas Michaud attendded the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. During his presentation, Mr. Michaud highlighted the Company’s recent progress toward its first-in-human clinical trial for Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome (NBCCS), noteworthy results in other programs, and the going-forward corporate vision.

Highlights on the Feldan Therapeutics story……..
• Feldan’s main program (Gorlin Syndrome) is a USD1.5B+ market without direct competitors.
• The Feldan Shuttle is able to deliver a wide range of cargos using different administration routes.
• Feldan is currently developing other therapeutic programs centered on the flexibility and efficacy of its platform.
• Feldan is collaborating with pharmas in order to use the Shuttle in therapeutic programs as well.

Khiron Life Sciences Corp. – Healthcare (CSE: KHRN) (OTCQX: KHRNF)
Khiron’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Khiron Life Sciences story……..
• Leader in the emerging international medical cannabis markets of LatAm and Europe with over 1 billion people.
• Unique seed-to-patient, vertically-integrated strategy generating ~50% CMGR and >80% gross margins.
• Proven Colombian business model ready to be exported to new markets in LatAm and beyond.
• Increasing global execution with sales in 4 countries (Colombia, Peru, UK, Germany) and 2 more targeted by year end (Mexico and Brazil).
• Experienced and diverse team with successful execution record & ability to understand and lead the global cannabis market.

Khiron Life Sciences Corp

Kintara Therapeutics, Inc. – Biotech (NASDAQ: KTRA)
Kintara’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Kintara Therapeutics story……..
• Diversified oncology company with two late-stage products.
• Selection into the Global Coalition for Adaptive Research (GCAR) GBM AGILE pivotal registration study provides optimal path forward for lead asset (VAL-083).
• Multiple follow-on indications with existing Orphan designations and/or approved INDs.
• Compelling investment opportunity with significant near-term value generating milestones

Lantern Pharma Inc. – Biotech (NASDAQ: LTRN)
Lantern Pharma’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Lantern Pharma story……..
• $61 million in cash and cash equivalents as of June 30, 2021.
• Planned launch of Phase 2 clinical trial for LP-300 by the end of the year.
• Update on LP-100 Phase 2 EU trial in mCRPC by the end of the year.
• In 2022, Lantern expects to launch Phase 1 ADC program in solid tumors; launch Phase 1 clinical trial for LP-184 in solid tumors; launch Phase 1/2 clinical trial for LP-184 in glioblastoma; progress LP-184 in ATRT towards Phase 1/2 clinical trial

Lobe Sciences – Healthcare (CSE: LOBE) (OTC: LOBEF)
Lobe Sciences’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

During this presentation, Philip Young, CEO & Director, outlined a path for the development of therapeutics for which Lobe Sciences intends to seek FDA approval in the United States, and similar approvals internationally.

Highlights on the Lobe Sciences story……..
• The Company intends to leverage its 2021 accomplishments achieved to-date.
• Clinical and Scientific Development and Regulatory Announce the results of the University of Miami Pre Clinical Study of the treatment of mTBI and PTSD Submit Pre Investigational New Drug (“IND”) meeting request to FDA.
• Announce contract research organization (“CRO”) partner, finalize study protocol, select sites for first-in-man study with our combination therapeutics.
• Finalize agreement with a cGMP manufacturing partner for clinical trial and commercial supplies of psilocybin and NAC (N-Acetylcysteine).
• Initiate the first human study with Lobe’s patent pending combination therapeutics of psilocybin and NAC (N-Acetylcysteine).
• Update on cGMP psilocybin production timing and availability File IND with FDA.
• Update clinical trial enrolment progress.
• Update IND plans based on feedback from FDA.
• Finalize specifications for and design plan for nasal mist delivery device.


Medexus Pharma – Healthcare (TSX: MDP) (OTCQX: MEDXF)
Medexus Pharma’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Medexus Pharma story……..
• Recently announced first commercial shipment of treosulfan in Canada, following the Notice of Compliance received by Health Canada on June 28, 2021.
• Completed enrollment in Phase 4 clinical trial of IXINITY®, targeting label expansion for pediatric hemophilia B patients.
• Increasing demand across key product lines

Nephros, Inc. – Healthcare (NASDAQ: NEPH)
Nephros’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Andy Astor, Chief Executive Officer of Nephros attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. During the Presentation, Mr. Astor provided an overview of the business and its growth prospects.

Highlights on the Nephros story……..
• 15 consecutive quarters of 50%+ revenue growth (until Covid) / Post-pandemic expectations are strong.
• Recurring revenue: razor / razor blade model / High Gross Margins of 55-60%.
• Significant competitive advantages.


Neurosom ® Sleep Therapy – Healthcare (Private Company)
Neurosom’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Justin Nichols, PhD and Neurosom® Director of NA Sales, highlightedd Neurosom®’s recent successful clinical trial of Neurosom® Sleep Therapy, and publication in Sleep Medicine, as well as the broader company vision going forward.

Highlights on the Neurosom® story……..
• Our parent company BEL is part of a $4.3 Million dollar grant the Department of Defense just awarded to scientists studying brain clearance and improved deep sleep: https://www.geekwire.com/2021/neurosciences-startup-gets-defense-dept-funds-test-headband-improve-sleep-clean-brain/
• Neuroscientists have recently discovered how crucial deep sleep is to brain health, yet Neurosom® holds the patent on this proprietary targeting of slow wave oscillation, and has published a clinical study showing improved deep sleep with Neurosom® Sleep Therapy.
• Neurosom® Sleep Therapy could provide improved sleep to the 70 million Americans struggling with sleep issues, and healthy adults who want to improve their own deep sleep with its beneficial brain clearing.
• Our experienced team took Electrical Geodesics, Inc. to a successful $12 Million IPO in 2013 and sold EGI to Philips in 2016.

Nova Leap Health Corp. – Healthcare (TSX.V: NLH) (OTCQX: NVLPF)
Nova Leap Health’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Nova Leap Health story……..
• 2016 Revenue $40K.
• 2020 Revenue $17MM.
• 2026 Target Annualized Revenue $100MM.


Perimeter Medical Imaging – Healthcare (TSX.V: PINK) (OTC: PYNKF)
Perimeter Medical Imaging’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Perimeter Medical Imaging story……..
• Perimeter has a platform of distrutive technologies that speed up and improve cancer care.
• Perimeter S-Series Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) has 510(k) clearance from FDA and validation from world-class key opinion leaders.
• Company also has “Breakthrough Device Designation” from FDA for OCT + ImgAssistAI (artificial intelligence tools in development).
• Exceptional management team, board of directors, and scientific advisory board.
• $3.7B total addressable market from high-margin, per-patient consumable.

Petros Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Healthcare (Metuchen) (NASDAQ: PTPI)
Petros’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Petros story……..
• Petros currently commercializes a distinct molecule that is the only patent protected brand in a growing oral ED market.

Pluristem Therapeutics – Biotech (NASDAQ: PSTI)
Pluristem’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Pluristem story……..
• Diverse clinical pipeline with 3 clinical readouts of 4 studies expected in the coming year.
• Portfolio of innovative advanced-stage cellular product therapy candidates, coupled with commercial-scale in-house development and manufacturing capabilities.
• Technology platform enabling the development of next generation solutions.
• Pluristem is pushing the boundaries of science to reimagine pharmacological treatments and improve the standard of care.
• The Company’s cell therapies advance the field of regenerative medicine, with potentially groundbreaking applications for treating damaged muscle, hematology deficiencies, and inflammation.
• Pluristem sources its therapeutic cells from the placenta, cells are easy to collect and do not require blood or tissue matching. Cells from one placenta can treat 20,000 patients.
• The Company’s manufacturing platform is a patented and validated state-of-the-art 3D cell expansion system, designed to mimic the human body.


ProPhase Labs – Healthcare (NASDAQ: PRPH)
ProPhase Labs’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the ProPhase Labs story……..
• Historically, ProPhase Labs was a dietary supplements and manufacturing company with distribution in over 40K Food, Drug and Mass retail stores. This business continues to see steady growth.
• In late 2020, ProPhase Labs successfully executed on the transition into a diversified CLIA laboratory diagnostics and testing network, approved for a wide range of disease diagnosis – including COVID-19 testing. Company expects additional acquisitions to further expand capabilities and capacity.
• With a strong customer base, along with the opening of schools and other venues which will require vaccinations or regular Covid-19 testing, ProPhase expects testing results to be strong in Q4 2021. ProPhase recently announced that current testing volumes are at the highest levels since the peak in January, 2021.
• In August of this year, ProPhase announced the transformative acquisition of Nebula Genomics. This acquisition positions ProPhase as a leader in the coming wave of personalized genetic testing with capabilities to provide consumers with Whole Genome Sequencing which provides up to 5,000 times the genetic information of leading commercial genetic testing companies. ProPhase plans to leverage its existing Food, Drug and Mass retail distribution as well as leverage its diagnostic laboratory for genomic processing.
• With approximately $45 million of net working capital and $35 million in cash as of June 30, a resurgence in Covid-19 testing in the CLIA lab facilities and the expansion of Nebula’s genomic testing into the OTC market, ProPhase is very well positioned for strong organic growth through the foreseeable future. ProPhase also expects to supplement this growth with further acquisitions in both the Diagnostics and Precision Medicine subsidiaries.
• In September, ProPhase announced a $6 million stock buyback.


Rapid Therapeutic Science Laboratories – Healthcare (OTC: RTSL)
Rapid Therapeutic’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Rapid Therapeutic story……..
• Investigational New Drug Application (IND) being filed with FDA for branded flagship MDI containing CBD.
• Patent pending pharmaceutical grade CBD and CBG formulas being manufactured.
• Clean Balance Sheet and Capital Structure with seasoned management, scientist and physicians in place.
• ISO 6 Certified lab facilities with new larger facility under construction.
• Branded novelty/recreational sublingual products being introduced with new expanded marketing plan in 4th Qtr.

Sigyn Therapeutics, Inc. – Biotech (OTC: SIGY)
Sigyn Therapeutics’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on Sigyn Therapeutics story……..
• We are addressing significant unmet needs in global health, including sepsis, the number #1 cause of hospital deaths.
• The size of our annual market opportunity exceeds $20 billion.
• Sigyn Therapy overcomes the limitations of the product from our closest public market comparable, which is valued at ~$320 million or 10X+ our current value.
• Our co-founders have extensive experience in creating medical devices with first-in-industry capabilities.

Spectral Medical – Healthcare (TSX: EDT)
Spectral’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Spectral story……..
• $13 million in cash on hand.
• Spectral’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Kellum, has been recognized as a World Expert in Sepsis by Expertscape.
• Anticipated FDA Approval and PMX Launch in Q4 2022.
• $1.5 Billion USD market opportunity.
• There aren’t any competing therapeutic devices expected for the next 7 years.


XPhyto Therapeutics Corp. – Healthcare (CSE: XPHY) (OTCQB: XPHYF)
XPhyto’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the XPhyto story……..
• Diagnostics: Rapid 25-minute point-of-care COVID-19PCR test EU approved and now available for purchase in Germany; rapid, low-cost infectious disease and oral health screening tests.
• Drug development: active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for neurological applications, including psychedelic compounds and cannabinoids (epilepsy, Parkinson’s, neurological treatment for PTSD, etc.)
• Drug Delivery: precision transdermal and oral dissolvable drug formulations.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals – Biotech (NASDAQ: TNXP)
Tonix’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Tonix story……..
• Clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that invents, licenses, acquires and develops innovative medicines to help patients manage central nervous system (CNS) and immunology conditions.
• Advancing innovative programs into the clinic: Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical data are perceived as value-creating inflection points.
• Development stage: programs range from preclinical to mid-Phase 3; expect three new programs in Phase 2 by YE 2021.
• Therapeutic modalities: small molecules, small synthetic peptides, recombinant peptide from E. coli, recombinant proteins from CHO cells (monoclonal antibody, fusion protein), live virus vaccines.
• Route of administration: oral, sublingual, intranasal, i.v., intradermal, percutaneous

TransCode Therapeutics – Biotech (NASDAQ: RNAZ)
TransCode’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the TransCode Therapeutics story……..
• RNA oncology company with multi-prong RNA approach,
• Optimized delivery of RNA therapeutics to genetic targets in cancer,
• Targeting RNA biomarker responsible for metastatic disease,
• Lead candidate eliminated existing metastases in pre-clinical studies in MBC,
• Broad and diverse pipeline of RNA-based therapeutic candidates.

Vivos Therapeutics, Inc. – Healthcare (NASDAQ: VVOS)
Vivos’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Vivos Therapeutics story……..
• Published Study reporting one in four patients show no symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea After Vivos Treatment.
• 17 Published Studies show a mean reduction in AHI scores by 67.4% in patients with varying degrees of Obstructive Sleep apnea.
• FDA registrations and clearances since 2009.
• Marketplace acceptance – over 19,000 patients treated – over 1,250 Dentists trained.

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VolitionRx Ltd. – Healthcare (NYSE American: VNRX)
Volition’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Volition story……..
• Epigenetics healthcare company with a suite of easy to use blood-based tests under development.
• Multiple active licensing discussions underway for both veterinary and human use.
• Texas-based Volition Veterinary subsidiary beta launched Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Screening Test.
• Large scale Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer and Blood Cancer studies underway globally.

Vyant Bio, Inc. – Biotech (NASDAQ: VYNT)
Vyant Bio’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Vyant Bio story……..
• Highly scalable, patient-first drug discovery platform for discovering, validating, and de-risking therapeutic compounds and druggable targets in unmet CNS and oncology diseases.
• Leveraging AI-based technologies of new druggable targets across therapeutic areas and novel compounds to accelerate Intellectual Property assets.
• Cash on the balance sheet to enable 2 years of operating runway.
• Market leading scientific and regulatory teams with excellence in all areas of drug development – from discovery to Investigational new drug approvals.



A2Z Smart Technologies Corp – Technology (TSX: AZ) (OTCQB: AAZZF)
A2Z Smart Technologies Corp’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the A2Z Smart Technologies Corp story……..
• Rolling out a smart shopping cart internationally.
• A2Z Smart Technologies is revolutionizing the in-store shopping experience with the Cust2Mate smart shopping cart solution, a proven-in-use self-checkout (SCO) smart cart for retail markets.
• There is a massive and expanding mark opportunity for automated intelligence (AI) and the retail landscape is primed for disruption; shoppers want a fast and convenient experience while retailers are looking to maximize operating efficiencies.
• The Company’s Services (SaaS)/Platform as a Service (PaaS) business model is driving profitability by generating multiple recurring revenue streams.
• The Cust2Mate rollout is being led by a management team of industry veterans with extensive experience in both the retail and technology sectors.

Adcore Inc. – Technology (TSX: ADCO) (OTCQX: ADCOF)
Adcore Inc.’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Adcore Inc. story……..
• E-commerce Is Exploding – E-commerce & digital advertising are rising as a result of the post COVID-19 massive digital transformation.
• Huge Market – $ 425B in global advertising spend (on search, display & social).
• Strong Customer Base – Over 500+ ad agencies and 10,000 advertiser accounts with solid retention rates.
• Powerful Business Model – Strong MRR/ARR with predictable future earnings. • Scalable Technology – Technology which is utilized by a wide range of advertisers at any scale. https://www.adcore.com/

Amesite Inc. – Technology (NASDAQ: AMST)
Amesite Inc.’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Founder & CEO, Dr. Ann Marie Sastry attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. She shared how Amesite is well-positioned to provide AI-driven solutions to large and growing training and education markets, and discussed Amesite’s recent customer successes and technology launches.

Highlights on the Amesite Inc. story……..
• Award-winning, proven, highly scalable, AI-driven technology platform.
• Enables any institution to quickly stand up engaging learning programs, and deliver results using the power of AI.
• Market opportunity addressing multi-billion-dollar online learning markets in business and education paired with strong differentiation in markets that urgently need tech to meet the demand for growth.
• A flexible and scalable unique business model with high margin and recurring revenue.
• Led by an experienced and accomplished management team and board.

Auddia Inc. – Technology (NASDAQ: AUUD)
Auddia Inc.’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Jeff Thramann, founder and executive chairman attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. During the presentation, management of Auddia provided an overview of the business, its growth opportunities, and recent corporate updates.

Highlights on the Auddia Inc. story……..
• Industry First’s.
• AM/FM radio with added personalized content and no commercials.
• Podcasts with interactive digital feed that supports deeper stories and delivers digital revenue to podcasters.
• Highly differentiated listening experience with strong IP Addresses.
• Large and rapidly growing audiences with strong purchase intent and attractive margins that scale.
• Revenue startup H2 2021 / meaningful ramp 2022.


BeWhere Holdings Inc. – Technology (TSX.V: BEW)
BeWhere’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

BeWhere’s CEO Owen Moore and VP Strategy Margaux Berry presnted BeWhere’s latest financials, business updates, and outlook for 2022.

Highlights on the BeWhere story……..
• First player on the IoT Asset Tracking market in 2016 allowed unique partnerships with major telecoms to distribute BeWhere’s products;
• Both replacing and creating new opportunities on incredibly quickly growing and massive IoT market;
• B2B revenue model allows mass sales while keep company’s overhead expenses lean and offer low-cost products (both hardware and monthlies thanks to cellular IoT/LPWAN);
• Undervalued stock price while records’ revenue and profitability over the last 12 months with stable cash position ($2.5M as of Q2FY21).
• Talented and experienced team continues to innovate to stay ahead of the herd, and reaching new markets such as consumable with the new Bemini, always at very low cost.


Blackbird PLC – Technology (AIM: BIRD) (OTCQX: BBRDF)
Blackbird’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Chief Executive Officer, Ian McDonough, and Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Stephen White, highlighted Blackbird’s rapid growth, global strategic direction and ambitious plans for the future in the fast paced media technology industry.

Highlights on the Blackbird story……..
• Recently signed the first technology licensing deal showing the value of the IP.
• Blackbird is a cloud native green technology, a recent report showing that it emits up to 91% less carbon than an on premise workflow.
• The world has removed to remote and Blackbird offers a fast, flexible resilient solution.
• Blackbird’s SaaS solution is highly scalable at little incremental cost with gross margins of over 90%.
• Blackbird has an “A” list clientele base including NHL, CBS Sports, US Department of State, Riot Games and Univision.

The cloud native video editing and publishing platform: ultra fast, flexible, efficient

Boardwalktech Software – Technology (TSX.V: BWLK) (OTCQB: BWLKF)
Boardwalktech’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Chief Executive Officer, Andy Duncan, provided a broad update and summary of the company’s business including vision and business strategy for 2022 and beyond.

Highlights on the Boardwalktech story……..
• Proprietary digital ledger technology.
• High margin, recurring revenue business model.
• Existing Fortune 500 companies currently using the platform.

BrainChip Holdings Inc. – Technology (ASX: BRN) (OTCQX: BRCHF)
BrainChip’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the BrainChip story……..
• Demand for AI enabled Edge and Internet of things (IOT) devices forecasted to grow at double-digit annual growth rates for the foreseeable future. Due to bandwidth, data security, latency and power constraints on edge devices, product demand will shift from cloud-dependent AI devices to solutions where data is captured on the device.
• Massive power consumption and emissions resulting from AI data centers will force a shift in AI processing from traditional cloud data centers to processing on the device. (BrainChip’s) Akida’s cloud independence capabilities are uniquely suited to address these AI related infrastructure and sustainability issues.
• The Akida chip is high performance, small, ultra-low power and enables a wide array of edge capabilities beyond competing products, including training, learning, and inference all on the chip. No other edge AI device on the market today enables these features and capabilities.
• The Akida architecture is both scalable and flexible to and addresses the requirements for the vast and growing number of IoT and edge devices in consumer and industrial applications, including automotive, healthcare, smart home, security among many others.
• 15 Early Access Partners (EAP) include Ford, Valeo, Vorago and NASA, as well as a commercial IP license with Renesas, a tier-one, Japanese, consumer electronics and automotive semiconductor supplier. Revenue model includes IP licensing, product sales & support, royalty streams.
• Commercial production shipments to commence in Q4 2021.


CloudCall Group PLC – Technology (AIM: CALL) (OTCQX: CLLLF)
CloudCall’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the CloudCall story……..
• SaaS model with strong product market fit, >90% recurring revenues and 25% projected growth in 2022.
• Compelling SaaS metrics with LTV-CAC >5x and Net Retention Rate just over 100%.
• Tracking towards EBITDA break-even in mid-2023, elements now in place to scale up efficiently.
• Partner-centered go-to-market strategy set to double addressable market over the next 12 months.
• Strong and committed team looking to exceed expectations.

Data Storage Corp. – Technology (NASDAQ: DTST)
Data Storage Corp’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Data Storage Corp. story……..
• Recently announced a managed services model partnership with Precisely, a global leader in data integrity software.
• Reported 76% increase in revenue for the second quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year.
• 3M cash on hand as of June 30, 2021


Datasea – Technology (NASDAQ: DTSS)
Datasea’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

During the presentation, the management team provided an overview of the Company’s business and an update on its critical strategic and operational initiatives.

Highlights on the Datasea story……..
• Datasea tapped into the 5G messaging business and launched the 5G message marketing platform this year, an intelligent, all-in-one message-marketing cloud platform. Since then, the company has made continued progress on both the business and research and development aspects.
• Datasea has a strong portfolio of intelligent security solutions. The company has intelligent visual algorithms such as facial recognition technology and non-visual intelligent algorithms like acoustic intelligence, which is the future of the smart security industry.
• In response to changing market demands, Datasea has developed an all-in-one machine to provide functions including face recognition, temperature measurement, and health code reading that can be widely used in public areas with public health management needs.
• Datasea’s 5G messaging business and smart security business share the underlying technology connections and will reinforce each other.
• Datasea is certified as one of the High Tech Enterprises and owns several patents and product certificates.

Focus Universal – Technology (NASDAQ: FCUV)
Focus Universal’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Edward Lee, Chairman & Co-Founder discussed what Technology the Company has invented and what products the Company has planned to make.

Highlights on the Focus Universal story……..
Five disruptive technologies:
• USIP (Universal Smart Instrumentation Platform) – Provides a universal common hardware foundation for the electronic design, production and applications for IoT.
• DoC (Device-on-a-Chip) – Leverages USIP technology into a single DoC chip that performs all device functions.
• NIPL (Natural Integrated Programmable Language)– Cross-platform language that serves as a common middle layer between programing languages (such as C++ or iOS) and designated application software, reducing software development time and costs.
• UNB-PLC (Ultra Narrowband Power Line Communication) – Innovative communication technology that enables the transmission of data between IoT devices over an existing power grid network.
• 5G+ (Ultra Narrowband Wireless Communication) – Next-generation wireless communication technology with the potential to be faster, provide more coverage, and have substantial cost savings over existing 5G.


GEE Group – Technology (NYSE American: JOB)
GEE Group’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

During the presentation, Derek Dewan, Chairman & CEO discussed the Company’s current business operations, financial position, outlook and growth strategy.

Highlights on the GEE Group story……..
• Growing company with seasoned executives who have had success in the staffing space.
• Contract staffing growth due to economic trends.
• Professional staffing in tight labor market.

KULR Technology Group, Inc. – Technology (NYSE American: KULR)
KULR’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the KULR Technology Group story……..
• Fast Revenue Growth.
• Large EV / Energy Storage / Battery Market Opportunity.
• Proven space technology.
• Experienced management team.

Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover’s Thermal Management Technology Transforming An $8 Billion Global Market

Metamaterial, Inc. – Technology (NASDAQ: MMAT)
Meta’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Meta story……..
• Over 10 years and $80 MM invested in development of advanced IP – design and manufacturing platform technology company.
• Moving into scaling revenues in massive addressable markets with no direct competitive offering.
• A strong sustainable model with multiple ESG features.
• Proprietary roll-to-roll manufacturing processes allow large scale, low cost production.
• Making materials or input costs less expensive, while more functional, often exponentially, in finished applications.
• Well recognized within industry, having established relationships with many current and potential partners to address the very large markets for each of its products; In partnership with Airbus, META has developed a commercial product, metaAIR, already in the commercial marketplace.
• Developed proprietary algorithms and libraries which allow design of new applications quickly and effectively.


Red Cat Holdings, Inc. – Technology (NASDAQ: RCAT)
Red Cat’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Red Cat story……..
• Three Large Revenue Catalysts:
1)Infrastructure bills will expand the drone inspection market dramatically > drones to be used to inspect equipment, structures, jobsites, emergencies.
2)Previous bans on Chinese consumer drone manufacturer DJI and a new bipartisan 5-year ban on all Chinese drone manufacturers.
3)Recently acquired Teal Drones is a leader in commercial and government UAV technology and the manufacturer of Golden Eagle, one of only five U.S. Department of Defense-approved drones designed specifically for reconnaissance, public safety, and inspection applications.
• Recently announced a 5-year contract with NASA to provide drone and rover support for a simulated Mars mission.

Tego Cyber Inc. – Technology (OTCQB: TGCB)
Tego Cyber’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on Tego Cyber story……..
• Scalable niche product with a rapid path to revenue and profitability.
• Globally recognized management team.
• Ideal takeover candidate.


Ynvisible Interactive, Inc. – Technology (TSX.V: YNV) (OTCQB: YNVYF)
Ynvisible’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Michael Robinson, CEO attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. During the presentation, Robinson highlighted the Company’s transformational business strategy, noteworthy collaborations and partnerships, and the broader going-forward corporate vision.

Highlights on the Ynvisible story……..
• Sept. 16, 2021: Ynvisible and PragmatIC partner to deliver flexible display modules, sign a 2 Million U.S. dollar agreement that targets interactive electronic solutions for the Internet of Things.
• Sept. 10, 2021: Ynvisible produces displays for Electroninks’ Stem Learning Kit. Ynvisible displays add new functionality to Circuit Scribe Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) learning kits. The new product within the Circuit Scribe product line will be on sale for Holiday 2021.
• July 29, 2021: Ynvisible Interactive Inc. signs a North American distribution agreement with global display distributor Display Logic to offer its electrochromic displays (ECD), drivers, driving protocols, and ECD kits to customers in the United States and Canada.


Avalon Advanced Materials – Materials (TSX: AVL) (OTCQB: AVLNF)
Avalon’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Avalon’s CEO, Don Bubar, provided an update on the Company’s recent activities on the emerging strategy for near term development of its Separation Rapids Lithium Project and for re-activating the East Kemptville Tin closed mine site to extract tin and other rare elements including lithium from the wastes.

Highlights on the Avalon story……..
• Potential for near term revenues from lithium production.
• Presently undervalued as a potential near term lithium producer.
• Diversified asset base with exposure to broad range of critical minerals.
• Potential for multiple revenue streams with growth potential ESG.
• Audited with very high ESG risk rating.

Basanite Inc. – Materials (OTCQB: BASA)
Basanite Inc.’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Simon Kay, CEO, attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. During the presentation, he presented the Company’s growth initiatives and the broader going-forward corporate vision.

Highlights on the Basanite story……..
• Manufacturer / developer of environmentally friendly, high-performance composite products used in concrete reinforcement – producing 90% less CO2 to make versus steel.
• Sustainable products superior to traditional steel by being non-corrosive, lighter, stronger, and longer lasting in a concrete structures by eliminating corrosion problems associated with steel reinforcement you save both time and money over the structure’s lifecycle.
• In addition, to being corrosion proof, BasaFlex™ is much stronger in tensile strength, resistant to acids and alkali, non-conductive, and a fraction of the weight of steel for the same strength. A single truck can carry roughly four times the quantity of material compared to steel – significantly reducing transportation cost.
• Ability to scale with recently capital raise supported plant capacity increase by 400% to meet growing demand for the product.
• Strong ESG and value proposition and moving to help rebuild infrastructure in America and Globally.

Battery Mineral Resources Corp. – Materials (TSX.V: BMR)
Battery Mineral Resources Corp.’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Battery Mineral Resources Corp. story……..
• Strong asset base including several battery mineral commodities which provide investors with exposure to global electrification and battery trend.
• Near term re-rating of company as it transitions from developing to cash flowing via the low-capex re-start of our 20 million lb annual production copper mine.
• Strong market fundamentals in place for BMR as a future supplier of copper, graphite, lithium and cobalt.

Canagold Resources Ltd. – Materials (TSX: CCM) (OTCQB: CRCUF)
Canagold Resources’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Canagold Resources story……..
• Proven management team that has made discoveries, built mines.
• Now infill drilling for higher level Feasibility study towards a mining decision.
• Opportunity to grow gold resource significantly by drilling deeper than current 600 meter limit -24,000 meter drill program on now, lots of news flow / catalysts.

Candente Copper Corp. – Materials (TSX: DNT)
Candente Copper’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Joanne Freeze, CEO attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. During the presentation, Joanne presented Candente’s current explorations in Peru and Canada in addition to an overview of the copper market and the outlook for the price of copper.

Highlights on the Candente Copper story……..
• Candente is expecting an updated PEA (Dec 2021) with enhanced ESG aspects coupled with improved economics, which will provide a near term catalyst.
• Candente is currently undervalued given the large copper find in Canada and Peru especially as their breakeven is at a copper price of $2.50 per lb which is way below current market price.
• Currently operate in two of the largest copper deposits and mining friendly geographical locations, Canada and Peru
• Third party validation from Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Fortescue.
• Copper demand is at historic highs.

Diamcor Mining – Materials [TSXV: DMI, OTCQB: DMIFF]
Diamcor Mining’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Dean Taylor, CEO attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. During the presentation, he presented the company’s growth initiatives and the broader going-forward corporate vision.

Highlights on the Diamcor story……..
• Production focused with a proven history of supplying quality diamonds to the world market.
• Strategic Alliance with world famous Tiffany & Co.
• In final stages of development of Krone-Endora Project – Project co-located with De Beers USD $4.0B Venetia Diamond Mine.
• Large scale trial mining underway – Cash-flowing with demonstrated profitability.
• ~$70M in development – Significant infrastructure in place, 30-year mining right.
• A high % of gem quality.
• Diamond resources on approximately 90% of Project area yet to be defined – Significant growth potential.

Electra Battery Materials – Materials (TSX.V: FCC) (OTCQX: FTSSF)
Electra Battery Materials’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Electra Battery Materials story……..
• 3-phased approach to market entry as North America’s supplier of diversified battery materials for the electric vehicle sector.
• Phase 1 near-term production of battery grade cobalt sulfate from FCC’s Ontario hydrometallurgical refinery by Q4 2022.
• Capital raised in full to get to commissioning in Q4 2022.
• Plans for recycling of (li-ion) black mass by Q4 2023.
• Long term vision of North American Battery Materials park for the production of diversified battery materials including nickel sulfate and pre-cursor material partnerships.

Origin Agritech Ltd. – Materials (NASDAQ: SEED)
Origin Agritech’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Origin Agritech story……..
• Poised to emerge as the industry leader in GMO seeds – multi billion $ market.
• China’s leading germoplasm bank – 2 decades to develop – huge competitive advantage. Only a few competitors have completed the technological and regulatory work to capitalize on the opportunity.
• History of in-licensing traits from agricultural institutes.
• SEED is the only pure-play on China going GMO positive (Macro factors (trade war, global supply disruptions, climate change) have made food security a focus within China’s leadership).
• Macro factors (trade war, global supply disruptions, climate change) have made food security a focus within China’s leadership.
• Strong strategic alliance with additional partnerships in the works.


ARC Document Solutions, Inc. – Industrial (NYSE: ARC)
ARC Document Solutions, Inc.’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation
Jorge Avalos attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. Management explained the company’s business model, how the company’s recent transformation has dramatically increased its growth opportunities, and why ARC stock presents a compelling buy argument for the small cap investor.

Highlights on the ARC Document Solutions story……..
• Management is returning shareholder value via quarterly dividend program and stock repurchases.
• Growth potential with entrance to dynamic new color market, renewal of construction, and return to offices.
• Optimized cost structure drives bottom line performance and increases contribution margin as revenue grows.
• Strong cash flows from operations.
• Cash needs are low.

ARC High Quality Reprographics and Color Printing Services

Charah Solutions, Inc. – Industrial (NYSE: CHRA)
Charah Solutions’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Scott Sewell, President and CFO and Roger Shannon, CFO and Treasurer attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. During the presentation, they providedd an overview of the Company’s business as a leading provider of environmental services and byproduct sales to the power generation industry; Impact the new management strategy and vision is having on the business; Impact and opportunities of new administration climate action as well as state and local legislation with increased focus on coal ash remediation and fossil plant retirements; Significant business opportunities for core service offerings, including or Remediation & Fossil Services, Byproduct Sales and Environmental Risk Transfer (ERT) Services as well as innovative industry-leading EnviroSource™ beneficiation technology; Market performance through Q3 2021 and reminder of year performance outlook.

Highlights on the Charah Solutions story……..
• As a leading provider of environmental services and byproduct sales to the power generation industry, Charah Solutions, Inc. is a compelling ESG / Sustainability growth story. Charah Solutions is one of America’s best examples of resource conservation and recovery through the beneficial recycling of coal ash, ash impoundment closure services, and the remediation and redevelopment of land for community and commercial use.
• With the new administration placing climate action at the top of its priority list and committing to 100% clean electricity by 2035, we expect to see a steady change in the American electric power sector in the immediate future with an increased focus on coal ash remediation that provides significant business opportunities for our core service offerings, including remediation services and byproduct recycling, and will positively impact future growth.
• Our innovative industry-leading EnviroSource™ beneficiation technology improves fly ash quality so that significantly more tons of fly ash can be recycled and marketed for reuse. This technology significantly reduces the environmental carbon footprint created by Portland cement and provides a superior product at lower costs for ready mix concrete producers.


DATA Communications Management Corp. – Industrial (TSX: DCM) (OTC: DGPIF) DataCM’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Richard Kellam, President & CEO attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. He shared some insights on the new DCM — its growth strategy and marketing workflow solutions.

Highlights on the DataCM story……..
• Focused on 250 enterprise clients which represent 80% of revenues; +90% retention levels.
• Recent introduction of “digital first” strategy is leveraging our proprietary DCMFlex and ASMBL platforms for direct-to-print applications, marketing and workflow management, and digital asset management solutions.
• Higher gross margins and strong cash flow have facilitated significant de-leveraging; debt is 19% lower since fiscal 2020 year end (through Q2 2021).
• Driving digital innovation to accelerate revenue and margin growth.

HyreCar Inc. – Industrial (NASDAQ: HYRE)
HyreCard’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the HyreCar story……..
• 11/4 – announced an expanded strategic partnership to significantly increase car supply in key markets on the HyreCar platform. The formal partnerships include AmeriDrive Holdings, a leading automotive mobility fleet manager, and Cogent Bank’s Specialty Finance Group. Cogent has agreed to expand its lending capacity so that AmeriDrive can continue to build its fleet exclusively on the HyreCar platform. This fleet will include electric vehicles in key markets which builds on a strategic commitment of HyreCar to provide EV cars to rideshare and delivery drivers in the United States.
• HyreCar Inc. (NASDAQ: HYRE) is a national carsharing marketplace for ridesharing, food, and package delivery via its proprietary technology platform. The Company has established a leading presence in Mobility as a Service (MaaS) through individual vehicle owners, dealers, rental agencies, and OEM’s that wish to participate in new mobility trends. By providing a unique opportunity through our safe, secure, and reliable marketplace, HyreCar is transforming the industry by empowering all to profit from Mobility as a Service.

Mace Security International – Industrial (OTCQX: MACE)
Mace Security International’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Mace Security International story……..
• New management team is turning the company around by focusing on core product line of non-lethal safety products in the consumer space.
• Strong focus on operational management to grow gross margin.
• Multiple quarters of profitability.
• Climate is right for non-lethal safety products.
• Most recognized brand name in pepper spray.
• New products coming.

ME2C Environmental – Energy/Tech (OTCQB: MEEC)
ME2C Environmental’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the ME2C Environmental story……..
• Business-First Negotiation Approach with Unlicensed Patent Users: Focus on license & supply partnerships through patent recognition of ME2C’s proven mercury emissions capture process currently in use by over 40% of the U.S. coal-fired fleet.
• Litigation Momentum: ME2C has successfully negotiated license agreements with four major utilities since mid-2020 with its SEA® process, and is seeking similar results with additional utilities. Refined coal patent litigation also moving forward.
• Large Addressable Market with Macroeconomic Tailwinds: Coal-fired generation in the U.S. is projected to remain stable through at least 2025 and operating through 2050, and mercury capture for the coal-fired industry remains a significant and stable business.
• Recurring Revenue Model with Paid-For Infrastructure: Ready to support $100 million in recurring supply-side business annually.
• Technology Expansion: Stricter EPA regulations in coal-ash cleanup and wastewater remediation could provide significant, high-margin revenue potential for ME2C’s emerging technologies focused on critical environmental concerns, including its promising rare earth element processing technology.

PyroGenesis Canada Inc. – Industrial (NASDAQ: PYR)
PyroGenesis Canada’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the PyroGenesis Canada story……..
• Record Q2 revenues of $8,280,572, an increase of 289% from $2,128,454 in Q2 2020.
• Cash and cash equivalents at June 30, 2021 of $18,076,539 (December 31, 2020: $18,104,899).
• Backlog of signed contracts, at August 16, 2021, of $32.1M.


Recruiter.com Group, Inc. – Industrial (NASDAQ: RCRT)
Recruiter.com’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

During the presentation, Recruiter.com’s CEO and Chairman Evan Sohn, took a look at some year-to-date accomplishments and dove into the world of recruiting.

Highlights on Recruiter.com story……..
• Recruiter.com has 150 on demand recruiters on gigs (up from 15 one year ago).
• Sequential QoQ growth of 30% forecasting 30% for Q3 and for Q4.
• Grew recruiter community to over >850,000 members.
• Signed new marquee clients including Pfizer, Moody’s, Dentsu and others.
• Appeared on CNBC and Yahoo Finance TV as an industry thought leader.

Riley Exploration Permian – Energy (NYSE American: REPX)
Riley Exploration Permian’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation

Highlights on the Riley Exploration Permian story……..
• Multi-year track record of organic growth in production, reserves and cash flow.
• Disciplined capital allocation and reinvestment program; production volumes are growing at
10%-20% per year through reinvestment of internal cashflow generation only.
• Industry-leading, low finding & development costs (< $5/Boe). • Consistent, growing quarterly dividend payer since first half of 2019 with ~4.8% yield. • Experienced management team with excellent operating skillset and experience together successfully building and growing development drilling programs. • Extensive captured asset base of low drilling cost, shallow wells, with low-decline production profiles and a multi-year proven drilling inventory, which management has been operating for the past 5+ years with improving operating and financial metrics. • In addition to the established steady growth profile and consistent dividend payments, REPX has significant upside potential in its ongoing EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) pilot-project to accelerate recovery of secondary and tertiary oil volumes in place. http://www.rileypermian.com/ Thermal Energy International – Energy/Tech (TSX.V: TMG) (OTCQB: TMGEF) Thermal Energy International's Q4 Investor Summit Presentation William Crossland, CEO attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. William Crossland presented TEI’s growth story, future potential, and how the expected market improvements as a result of the #BuildBackBetter movement and growing global demand for aggressive carbon emission reductions. Highlights on the Thermal Energy International story........ • Focused on large, energy-intensive industrial sites – we deliver sustainability that pays for itself. • World leaders have set new, more aggressive, global carbon emission reduction targets. • With a 30%+ 5-year revenue CAGR, we’re ranked as one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies. http://www.thermalenergy.com/ Ur-Energy Inc. - Energy (NYSE American: URG) Ur-Energy's Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Highlights on the Ur-Energy story........ World leaders are agreeing that challenges of climate change cannot successfully be met without nuclear energy being a critical component: • Ur-Energy produces uranium for that clean, carbon-free source of energy at lowest mine production costs outside Kazakhstan. • The uranium market is seeing a convergence of positive market forces with the creation of a US Uranium Reserve and a return to supply-demand fundamentals. • Ur-Energy’s operational leverage allows it to stand ready to ramp-up to full production (1Mlbs U3O8 annually) at its Lost Creek mine, with lower costs and greater efficiency than others in industry. • Our Shirley Basin project will soon be fully permitted and licensed – and, ready for construction and operations. • Ur-Energy’s pipeline of large, scalable production sites will allow it to produce uranium for years to come at the Lost Creek Property and the Shirley Basin Project. http://www.ur-energy.com FINANCE & REAL ESTATE Harbor Custom Development, Inc. – Real Estate (NASDAQ: HCDI) Harbor Custom Development’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation President and CEO, Sterling Griffin, presented a corporate overview at the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. Highlights on the Harbor Custom Development story........ • Harbor Custom Development, Inc. (HCDI) seeks to be the leading developer of premium single-family lots and residential communities in the nation’s fastest growing regions. • Our research-backed targeting process allows us to mitigate investment risk by following strong economies in growth markets. • HCDI develops real estate and participates in each phase of the land-to-home development cycle. • Our methodology allows us the flexibility to partner with local builders and developers in our target markets to increase our footprint and broaden our target offering. https://harborcustomhomes.com/ International Land Alliance – Real Estate (OTCQB: ILAL) International Land Alliance’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Highlights on the International Land Alliance story........ • Compelling long-term, large-scale opportunity. • Early developer in the rapidly-growing tourism, second home and retirement industry market. • Significant growth potential supported by appealing demographics, consistent GDP growth, and significant pent-up demand despite an ongoing housing shortage. • Excellent visibility, considerable scale, and project-level economics. • Minimal leverage and strong downside protection, making it an ideal investment for global diversification or tactical growth strategies. http://ila.company/ Safehold Inc. – Real Estate (NYSE: SAFE) Safehold’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Highlights on the Safehold story........ • 1st and only publicly traded company focused on disrupting the commercial real estate finance industry through ground lease capital. • Fast-growing company that intends to accelerate growth as commercial real estate transactions increase post-pandemic. • Large value opportunity of bond-like asset class that we believe is fundamentally mispriced when considering net present value of cash flows. • Looking to unlock value of reversionary rights to buildings on top of ground lease. http://www.safeholdinc.com StoneCastle Financial Corp. – Finance (NASDAQ: BANX) StoneCastle’s Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Sanjai Bhonsle, CEO & Patrick Farrell, CFO attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. During the presentation, they highlighted the Company's income generation investment thesis. Highlights on the StoneCastle story........ • Stable and consistent income generation. • Stable NAV. • Risk-adjusted total return of nearly 7%. • Exceptional management team. • Unique investment vehicle dedicated to banking-related assets. http://www.stonecastle-financial.com/company.jsp Vertical Capital Income Fund - Finance (NYSE: VCIF) Vertical Capital Income Fund's Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Katherine Hawkins, VCIF's Portfolio Manager, attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. She reviewedd the company's strategy in whole residential mortgage notes and how it seeks to offer attractive income and capital appreciation. Highlights on the Vertical Capital Income Fund story........ • VCIF invests in whole mortgages; no 'slicing & dicing'. • Provides exposure to a market that everyone is familiar with, allowing investors to own a piece of the American Dream via a listed security. • A nine-year track record of solid dividend yield. • Built-in total return. https://www.vertical-incomefund.com VersaBank – Financial (TSX: VB) (NASDAQ: VBNK) VersaBank's Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Highlights on the VersaBank story........ • North American leader in digital banking and cyber security. • 9/13 – Completed US IPO - Listed on Nasdaq as VBNK with concurrent $55 Million offering lead by Raymond James. • 9/1 - Strong Q3 results VBNK Strong 3Q Results – 24% year-over-year increase in Net Income; Record loan portfolio of just under $2 billion. • Large growth opportunity through planned entry into the U.S. market with innovative, proven digital banking solutions. • Preparing for launch its highly encrypted Digital Deposit Receipt (DDR), VCAD, which it expects will be in high demand based on its ability to be used as a digital currency, with the backing by an investment grade-rated, Schedule I bank. http://www.versabank.com/ CONSUMER FansUnite Entertainment Inc. - Consumer (CSE: FANS) (OTCQX: FUNFF) FansUnite's Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Scott Burton, CEO of FansUnite attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. During the presentation, Scott highlighted the Company's recent developments, including FansUnite’s AGCO gaming-related supplier license application, the launch of its B2C Brazilian esports platform, VamosGG, strategic partnerships with leading data providers and more. Highlights on the FansUnite Entertainment story........ • World-class team. • State of the art technology operating in global industry. • Multiple revenue generating arms of the business. http://www.fansunite.com/ LiveXLive Media, Inc. – Communication Services (NASDAQ: LVO) LiveXLive Media's Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Highlights on the LiveXLive Media story........ • The only all-in-one global streaming platform dedicated to streaming of live music, entertainment, podcasts, audio and video content. • Recent and continued insider buying and large percentage ownership. • Successful M&A Strategy Drives Diversified Revenue Base. • Multiple Monetization Paths and Levers to Drive Sustainable Growth. • Global Network of Distribution and Channel Partners. • World-Class Management Team. • Strong Diversified Revenue & Subscriber Growth. • Q1 Fiscal 2022, Revenue Increased 269% year-over-year and Contribution Margin* Increased 175%. • Increased guidance for Fiscal 2022 Revenue to $115 - $125 Million. • Strong balance sheet w Cash and Cash Equivalents as of August 11, 2021 of ~ $18.6 Million. https://ir.livexlive.com/corporate-profile Salem Media Group, Inc. – Communication Services (NASDAQ: SALM) Salem Media's Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Highlights on Salem Media story........ • Digital revenue continues to grow and now represents more than 28% of total revenue. • In July, company received $12.1 million from the sale of surplus land and received forgiveness of $11.2 million in PPP loans. • Significant reduction in debt leverage ratio which is under 5.0 on a pro forma basis at June 30, 2021. • In September, exchanged 52% of 6.75% 2024 notes for 7.125% 2028 notes which provides a clear path to repay/refinance the remaining 2024 notes. http://www.salemmedia.com/ Snipp Interactive Inc. – Communication Services (CSE: FANS) (OTCQX: FUNFF) Snipp's Q4 Investor Summit Presentation CFO, Jaisun Garcha, presented at the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. The Company provided details on its business plan to continue to expand into other markets and segments as well as provided more clarity of the strength and leverage of the SnippCARE Platform. Highlights on the Snipp story........ • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company in the global loyalty and promotions sector that is cash flow positive, debt free and with rapid revenue growth of over 65% and over 400% EBITDA growth year-over-year. • Large diversified client base of Fortune 500 companies generating base revenue streams of $10MM today that includes 90+ clients such as Kellogg, P&G, Starbucks, Nestle, Pepsi, L’Oreal and more… • Technology moat based on our market leading Machine Learning & AI Engine that enables manufactures to capture purchase data from any image such as receipts, invoices, etc. Industry leader in receipt processing running 95% of all consumer scale programs in the North American market today with significant opportunity to expand into adjacent industries based on strength of the zero-party data collected. • Derisked business model with multiple revenue streams driven by modular tech stack with cross-industry applicability and global deployment capability. Increasing mix of Long-Term Recurring revenue contracts and increasing global deployments. http://www.snipp.com Stran & Company, Inc. - Consumer (NASDAQ: STRN) Stran & Company's Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Highlights on Stran & Company story........ 11/8 - IPO • Established business since 1994 and consistent organic growth over the past 27 years. • Operating within a $25 billion growth industry. • Large acquisition opportunity set within highly fragmented industry. • Compelling financial profile: cash positive and highly scalable model. • Seasoned owner-led management team. http://www.stran.com/ The Andersons - Consumer (NASDAQ: ANDE) The Andersons’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Highlights on The Andersons story........ • Increasing global demand provides opportunities to grow core grain and fertilizer businesses. • Innovation to drive growth in sustainable ag. • Track record of strong execution in volatile markets with experienced trading, logistics and operations teams. • Disciplined capital allocation strategy, flexible balance sheet. andersonsinc.com Townsquare Media Inc. – Communication Services (NYSE: TSQ) Townsquare Media's Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Bill Wilson, CEO, & Stu Rosenstein, CFO, attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. Mr. Wilson and Mr. Rosenstein highlighted the Company's transformation into a Digital First Company that generates nearly 50% of total revenue from its Digital Platform and Solutions. Highlights on the Townsquare Media story........ • Only at-scale local media company focused on super-serving SMBs to help grow their business outside the Top 50 markets of the US. • Significant and growing digital platform ($180M of LTM revenue growing to $250M in 3 Years) contributes nearly half of the Company’s total revenue. • Huge TAM ($32B, 8.8M SMBs) for Townsquare Interactive, its digital marketing subscription business - TSQ plans to open a second location for Townsquare Interactive in 1H 2022 to capture this opportunity. • Attractive free cash flow profile driven by stable broadcast base and growing digital solutions with significant subscription component (~20% of total revenue and nearly 25% of total Adj. EBITDA are generated from Townsquare Interactive, its monthly subscription business). • Completed a successful refinancing in January (no maturity until 2026) and a significantly accretive share repurchase of majority shareholder in March, eliminating significant equity overhang. www.townsquaremedia.com Tower One Wireless Corp. – Communication Services (CSE: TO) (OTCQB: TOWTF) Tower One Wireless' Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Highlights on Tower One Wireless story........ • Currently the company owns and operates 172 towers with a back log 400 towers. (Fully Financed with most recent $40MM Facility) Each tower is built to suit with 10 Year Non-Cancellable (Multi Renewal Options 30-40 Yr Life of Asset). • Every tower can host 3 tenants and as each tower adds a tenant the revenue increases incrementally, with no additional CAPEX. Wireless is competitive market so every provider wants to ensure a strong competitive network.(Historically 11% Cash on Cash Unlevered Annual Asset Level Cash Flow). • Company should be valued on future earnings as the backlog towers are completed and additional tenants are added to existing completed towers. http://toweronewireless.com CRYPTO Banxa Holdings Inc. – Tech/Crypto (TSX: BNXA) (OTCQX: BNXAF) Banxa's Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Domenic Carosa, Founder & Chairman attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. During the presentation, he discussed Banxa’s recent Fiscal Results, the competitive advantage that being a fully compliant payment service provider offers over competitors in the space, valuable partnerships and growth that Banxa has seen since its IPO in January 2021. Highlights on the Banxa story........ • The world's first public payment service provider (PSP) and compliance Reg-tech platform for the digital asset industry. • Recently Released F2021 YE Results - revenue up 577% YoY, $519 million Total Transaction Value, Adjusted EBITDA profit of $1.2 Million. • Banxa has grown exponentially over the past year and since its listing in Jan '21 ( one the 50 fastest growing companies of the year per Silicon Review). • The company has built the Banxa Network to 72 partners, up from 24 over the previous 12 months. • Banxa sees more opportunities, feels just at the start of new product releases, adding more cryptocurrency licenses, more payment methods and more coins. • Expect this current fiscal year will be a positive one for Banxa. http://www.banxa.com/ Soluna Holdings (aka Mechanical Technology) – Tech/Crypto (NASDAQ: SLNH) Soluna Holdings’ Q4 Investor Summit Presentation Michael Toporek, CEO attended the Q4 Virtual Investor Summit. During the presentation, Soluna's CEO provided an overview of the business, its recently completed acquisition and its combined growth opportunity. Highlights on the Soluna Holdings story........ • Data Center / Crypto Opportunity For Value Investors. • Trades at a significant discount to most mining peers. • Top decile power costs. • Acquisition of Soluna provides top-tier pipeline. • Release detailed, by location, results every month. • Provides short-term catalyst as profits ramp. https://www.mechtech.com/ Questions? Please contact us at info@investorsummitgroup.com